Warner Bros. would be looking for a new director for Batgirl

We are in times of great superheroines. And the truth is that it is not surprising that since DC and Warner Bros. Pictures are thinking of continuing to expand the universe of superhero movies starring women. It would be the case of Batgirl, a film that was paralyzed in 2018 with the departure of Joss Whedon, and which could now be resumed. In this case, because WB would already be looking for a new director.

In fact, according to Heroic Hollywood, the studio is already thinking of a substitute for Whedon. In her day, Christina Hodson was in charge of the script. Now, if HH's information is true, everything would indicate that it would have been followed that way.

Which translates into that the project would be more advanced than we might think at first. In any case, for the new director There are no names at the moment. Something that does happen with the actress who would play Batgirl. From Zoey Deutch or Kristen Stewart (Charlie's Angels), to Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), through Katherine Langford (For thirteen reasons).

Anyway, while we wait, there are few movies or series starring women who are already underway from DC. For example, Wonder Woman 1984 (which will arrive on June 5, 2020), Suicide Squad (August 6, 2021), or the next Supergirl series, still without a release date.

What would you like the director (or the director) to take care of this movie now? And, of all the names that sound for BatgirlWhich of them would you stay with?

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