Valve confirms that he will investigate the possible espionage of Epic

It is still early to know how this controversy will end. And we do not even know exactly what has happened, but Valve has taken the floor We are referring to the fact that, as commented yesterday, Epic Games Store could have taken data from Steam unethically.

Something that would not have suited Valve, who will now take action and investigate what has really happened. From Epic they assure that the client only stores a local and encrypted version of the file and does not do anything with it (unless you decide to import to friends of Steam).

The information we have known through Bleeping Computer, who would have received a statement from Doug Lombardi of Valve. This is what he has told you: "We are investigating what information the Steam Epic launcher collects.".

And also, he has argued the reason why they have decided to do it: "The Steam Client locally saves data such as the list of games it has, the list of friends and saved login tokens (similar to the information stored in the web browser's cookies) .These are the user's private data, stored in the user's home machine and are not intended to be used by other programs or to be uploaded to any third-party service. ".

To summarize, from Valve they think that the Epic Games Store client is not touching the localconfig.vdf configuration file at all, and presumably would prefer it if Epic used the Steam API to collect friend lists.

Surely, everything ends in an update of Valve, which could end up encrypting the data of local users to prevent the Epic client (or any third party) from copying them. We will be attentive to see how the matter ends.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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