Twitter will hide retweet numbers and I like it

Recently those responsible for Twitter They have announced a series of important changes that would come to the platform in the near future. Among them highlights the disappearance of the numbers in the "likes" and retweets, as well as a much greater role of the use of the camera in the application.

"We are going to change the product and change the policies to achieve healthier conversations", said Keith Coleman, head of consumer product, also hinted that they will try to combat deception and false news more quickly and in a more proactive way with these changes.

It is going to be really entertaining to see how the community takes these changes, but especially those companies that have used Twitter and its metrics as the main promotion channels decide whether this is viable or not.

Regarding the use of the camera, improvements have been announced in the images and videos, an even more comfortable access to the camera and features that make it smarter. "If you're in the SXSW and you make a video, the camera will suggest you use the event's hashtg," Coleman said.

All these developments are being tested in a prototype called twttr that refers to the first message of the founder, Jack Dorsey and as a logo has "a blue sky in which the bird has flown", says Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter.

Source: NBC

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