This will sound an ideal world in the new film by Aladdin

It is not long before we can enjoy the new adaptation of real action based on the mythical Aladdin. But if you can not wait until next May 24 – for when the premiere is scheduled – you can always choose to take a look at this new advance.

Or more specifically, to a small filtration that shows us how the remembered song A Ideal World will sound in this new interaction of Aladdin. Melody that, in addition, will be interpreted in our country by Aitana and Zayn Malik.

In fact, social networks are burning since you have heard this advance. Actually it is a small fragment, but enough to see where this will go new movie.

You can listen to it just below these lines, thanks to the fact that many of the fans have shared it on Twitter. Zayn will be in both the Spanish and English versions, while here we can also hear Aitana, former contestant of Operación Triunfo.

On the other hand, remember that Un Mundo Ideal will not be the only theme of the original film that will come back in this adaptation. It’s more; the genius, played by Will Smith, will have the role of repeating the success harvested by Robbin Williams with other well-remembered melodies.

All without forgetting the fact that new compositions will also be released, which were not present in the original film of 1993. Although, if we talk about novelties, perhaps the most important is the one referring to the duration: and that is that this movie It will be 38 minutes longer than the original.

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