The writers of Avengers: Endgame warn us about Mysterio

* This article contains Avengers spoilers: Endgame. We recommend not to continue reading if you have not seen it yet.

If you have not seen the trailer yet Spider-Man: Far from Home nor the movie of Avengers: Endgame, perhaps you should go back and read another story. If, on the other hand, it is not your case, you will enjoy these statements by the writers of the last film of the UCM.

Especially because they make us question what exactly could happen now that the UCM has become, so to speak, a multiverse. The good Peter Parker will be one of the few humans who will have to suffer the consequences of seen in Endgame, and may not know everything you should know …

Obviously, we are referring to the fact that, as we saw in the last trailer of Far from Home, Mysterio could be an ally for Spider-Man. Now, is it reliable? Does it really come from one of those alternative universes that have been generated after the events of Endgame?

The writers of the last movie of The Avengers They have wanted to talk about it, and through an interview with the Fandango medium, they have made it clear to us that we should not trust absolutely anyone. And much less of Mysterio, who after all, in comics, is the master of deception and illusionism.

Anyway, judging by the comments of the Endgame writers themselves, who they claim they did not know the plans of the multiversor Far from Home (they would have discovered it with the trailer), we hardly know what will really happen. Some already think that Mysterio will use that trick of the parallel worlds to betray the good of Parker.

Others, like screenwriter Stephen McFeely, prefer to play with the theme. Without going any further, when asked in THR about the fact that Lejos de Casa opened the topic of the multiverse, he answered the following: “Do we really know? Rephrase what your source is.”. In summary, we will have to wait to get rid of doubts.

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