The Super Mario 3D World levels in Super Mario Maker 2 have unique functionalities

Any idea you had for the known styles of Super Mario Maker 2 it’s going to have to be rethought if you want to go to the next level and work something out with the new style of Super Mario 3D World.

This style will have unique characteristics that range from the inclusion of the always adorable Mario Gato to all these that he has detailed during the presentation.

  • Mario Felino – Mario Felino can climb the walls, scratch, slide and pounce on enemies. He is also capable of climbing the pennant! It’s what the cat agility has.
  • Transparent piping – These pipes can be placed creating the shape that the player prefers, but be careful: enemies can also be entered into them!
  • Koopa car – Players can ride in this vehicle and go through the levels at full speed. Of course, it is better to drive carefully so as not to stamp!
  • Rail block – This block will follow the path traced by the player. The blue will begin to move when the player is placed on top of him.
  • Crawling Piranha – The Crawling Piranha will follow the path that the player traces, extending its dangerous stalk with spikes through the level.
  • The cast of Super Mario 3D World: Other familiar faces will also make an appearance in Super Mario Maker 2; The players will get more than one surprise!
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