The second season of Apex Legends is now available

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have reported that the contents of the Season 2 of Apex Legends are already available Battle Charge, the name that has been given to this new stage, will present the effects after the appearance of beasts infesting the arena of Apex that have remodeled the map.

Besides Big changes in the map of the Canyon of the Kings, players can experience the gameplay of a new legend, Wattson, the start of the Matched Leagues, the L-Star LMG weapon and, of course, a new Battle Pass full of challenges.

One of the Repulsion Towers has been demolished, allowing the fauna of the area from which the tower prevented entry to enter the Cañón de los Reyes. After this, the Apex games have closed momentarily and this way the creatures have become part of the arena.

Wattson, the nickname by which Natalie Paquette is known, is the daughter of the chief engineer of the games, so she knows perfectly the arena in which she will have to fight, andto be destroying missiles, reloading shields, creating electrified gates and using your electric tower to paralyze enemies.

The inclusion of Matched Leagues It allows competitive players a much more demanding challenge, in which they can test their skills and earn rewards. There will be a total of 6 competitive levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Apex Predator.

The Battle Pass will have a price of 950 Apex coins and will give access to the possibility of getting more legendary aspects of the rewards register or enough manufacturing materials to create the legendary element you want, as well as new cosmetic elements (emotes / gestures, loading screens or packs of music).

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