The Rocksteady Superman sounds for the Game Awards

Before E3 this year we started hearing about Superman: World’s Finest as a title for the rumored project of Rocksteady, but little has been known about the supposed development beyond some blurred image and unconfirmed rumors.

Now this rumor again takes center stage as a result of a leak in the PC game requirements page, Game System Requirements, discovered by a user of ResetEra.

If you consider this alleged leak is because it happened before with Devil May Cry 5, which appeared here listed before being official. In addition the page does not allow to publish games without any reason.

This time the filtration arose in a 4chan thread now closed and according to VG247 There was talk of an open world game where Superman, Batman and Robin were playable characters.

In the past, the rumors gained strength after a job offer appeared on the studio page for an AAA designed to be released in the next generation of consoles.

At the beginning of next month we will have more than 10 announcements of totally new games in The Game Awards, reason why one of them could be this project of which does not stop speaking every few months. Although the certain thing is that it would be strange that in an event thus announced a game thought for the following generation (assuming that the offer of work cited was related to this supposed project).


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