The next movie of Suicide Squad will be a reboot

Some are still digesting the return of James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. But it's not the only thing the director has to tell the fans … Now we also know that the next Suicide Squad movie – which he will direct – will not be a sequel, but a reboot.

That is to say, we will have to stop mentioning it as Suicide Squad 2, even though at the moment we do not have any other name to make reference to beyond Suicide Squad.

Although, in fact, the one who has confirmed the news has been the producer of the film, Peter Safran (in an interview for Joblo), who also ensures that before putting on his commitments with Disney, James Gunn must finish his work with Warner .

These have been his statements about it: "For a start, you do not have to call it Suicide Squad 2 because it's a full reboot, so it's Suicide Squad, and I think everyone should be very excited because it's all that you'd expect from a script written by James Gunn, that says a lot about this movie, while it promises a lot and will give the fans a lot of joy. "

Now I just need to know what actors will be playing this time the characters of Suicide Squad. Many pools have appeared since the movie was announced, but nothing is clear yet.

Of course, it seems, finally Harley Quinn will be (something important considering that the opposite had been rumored). Finally, remember that if there are no delays, the premiere of this reboot is expected for next 2021. Hence, we still continue with so many unresolved questions.

Source: Joblo

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