The development of Star Citizen would have no budget to fulfill all its promises

The development of Star Citizen It is a slow-motion galactic accident that players have been witnessing for many years, as it does not seem that the more than 300 million dollars raised by Chris Roberts' have served to carry out all the promises made at the time.

According to a new report, the game would be far from being able to offer all the content that was promised when the project was presented and they do not have enough money left to get almost anything that the players expected in a final version.

For years he has been delaying the campaign mode, Squadron 42, which has stars like Mark Hamill in his cast. In the same way we have seen the project grow but never reaching a version close to the final finish or contents.

Some former project developers point out how unusual it is for a development to last seven years and point out that Roberts has not managed development at all and has devoted time and effort to inconsequential details that have eaten up the budget and the forces of his workers.

It is not a lie that Star Citizen is a functional game that offers many more hours of fun than many other titles on the market, but it is not even close to being what one day was promised to be.


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