Spider-Man: Far from home – The Stark Tower appears reconstructed in new ads

Multiple advertisements for television have been published Spider-Man: Far from home in different countries and each of them seems to contain a few seconds of footage that we had not seen before.

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In this scene in which we see Spider-man swinging around New York before going on a trip we see a tower under construction. If we look at the shape of the concrete skeleton, we see that it is the Avengers Tower, which in the first part we knew had been put on sale by Tony Stark / Iron Man after the events of Civil War. Will Norman Osborn or maybe Reed Richards have bought it to introduce the Fantastic 4 to the UCM?

In one of them the brightest have discovered that Stark Tower is shown, completely rebuilt (you can see in works in the above image, taken from the first trailer of the film) after being seriously damaged in the first movie of The Avengers .



Of course this discovery suggests that Norman Osborn could be present in the film and that he would be the owner of this building, which would do more harm than anything else to young Parker.

In this compilation of the new announcements you can see them all continuously and discover all the new scenes, none of them especially compromising if you are worried about spoiling the film for its premiere in July.

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