Shazam! could count on a cameo by Henry Cavill as Superman

We will treat it as a rumor until official confirmation or rejection. But, until then, we will love the idea of ​​fantasizing about a possible cameo by Henry Cavill as Superman in the next DC movie: Shazam!

Because, apparently, the actor would have already shot a small scene playing Superman. Character that, on the other hand, knows about leftovers. Anyway, it is also said that it is a recording that could not be part of the final footage.

What exactly does it depend on? Well, as revealed by the ComicBook Nation podcast (the source of the information), it is a recording that would only be used in case the actor's contract with Warner Bros. about the DC Universe came back to the fore and Clark Kent will come back to life.

What is clear is that it is a fairly reliable information. Not only for the source itself, which has already hit the nail on other occasions, but also for the fact that it is unlikely that we will ever see Cavill and Levi together in a DC production.

In any case, it will not be long to leave doubts, because on April 5 this Shazam !, will be ready to offer something very different to what DC fans are used to. An adventure that will bet much more for humor.

Source: ComicBook Nation

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