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Although it seems the opposite, a long time ago since we related the name of Robert Pattinson with Batman. However, since the actor was chosen to become the Batman in The batman (the next Matt Reeves movie), I still hadn't made any statements about the movie, his role in it or simply his choice as a new Batman. So far, at which time he has told us what it means for him to cover this superhero's cape.

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Mainstream movie lovers know Robert Pattinson better as Edward Cullen, the vampire of the Twilight movies, but in the years since he broke the box office, he used his star status to get fascinating roles in challenging independent films. He is probably one of the most interesting actors of his generation, and now that he is in talks to play the new Batman, superhero fans should probably take another look at Robert Pattinson's impressive career, and reassess everything they think they knew about "boy =" "class =" image blogroll "crep =" "data-model =" image "data-pk =" 246810 "of =" "el =" "src =" https: //sm.ign. com / ign_en / gallery / r / robert-pat / robert-pattinson-movies-batman-fans-need-to-see_9vzj.jpg "/>

In fact, in this interview he has granted exclusively for the Variety medium, the actor has talked about what it has meant for him to put on the suit, literally speaking: "You immediately feel really powerful. And it is very surprising, although it is also difficult to dress because the way you have to wear the suit is quite humiliating. You have five people trying to help you. Once you have it on, you you feel very strong, hard, even if you had someone squeezing your ass next to your legs. ".

In addition, he has not missed the occasion to talk about the controversy that has meant for some fans the fact that has been chosen after having participated in the Twilight saga. This is what Pattinson has said about it: "To be honest, it was less intense than I expected. It's much more fun when little is expected of you. So there is no expectation about what you can prove.".

It is still too early to know if Pattinson will succeed in surpassing other great actors who have been Batman, but it is positive to know that the actor is not afraid and that he believes in his possibilities after the experience acquired in recent years. Even so, he tells us that he became very nervous: "When leakedI was furious. Everyone was very upset. My entire team was in a state of panic. I felt absolutely relieved when Matt called me. ".

Remember that the film has its premiere scheduled for next year 2021. Specifically on June 25, 2021 as long as there are no delays. Although, beyond the secrecy in which the film is taking place, everything seems to indicate that it is on a very good path.

Source: Variety

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