Revealed a prototype of Diddy Kong Racing for NDS

Now that the genre of driving lives a second golden age in relation to crazy racing karts (outside Mario Kart, it is understood), it is even more curious to discover the prototype that we come to speak today. Specifically, one related to a Diddy Kong Racing that should have gone on NDS and never saw birth. Undoubtedly, one of the great sagas of Nintendo forgotten today.

In fact, the original Diddy Kong Racing of Nintendo 64, not only was one of the best games of the console, but also one of the best raids of Rare in a genre of this type. In addition to doing a great job with the game, they also managed to create a claim for those players who wanted something more than a Mario Kart.

However, nothing had to do with the technical demo we discovered today with that game. In fact, it was made by Climax Studio, and it was a presentation of the studio to Nintendo with the intention of bringing a portable game adaptation for NDS. In addition, we are not talking about the Diddy Kong Racing DS that we all know and did (2007), but a previous project. To be exact, in 2004.

The video has been published now thanks to YouTube user PtoPOnline, and we can see perfectly how it was a prototype for NDS. It is not the first time that a company performs one of these technical works with the intention of proposing a project, but it is extremely curious when they come to light so many years later. And to you? Would you like a new installment of the series in 3DS or Nintendo Switch?

Source: YouTube PtoPOnline

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