Red Dead Online: Filtering missions, battle royale and much more

We are a few hours away from the premiere of Red Dead Online and that has not prevented them from filtering many details about the gameplay like the existence of missions with history, moral decisions, a battle royale mode and much, much more.

Of course thousands of players now have their eyes on Make It Count, the battle royale mode for 32 players who will compete with each other with a limited appearance of weapons and a circle that is closing. Filtration confirms weapons such as bows, arrows and throwing knives. The maps in this way for now are Strawberry, Stillwater Creek and Tall Trees.

Another very interesting game mode is Most Wanted, where players compete against each other by climbing on a scoreboard. Whoever more enemies eliminate higher will rise and greater will be the reward for finishing him. The confirmed maps are Saint Denis, Tall Trees, Thieves Landing, Tumble Weed and Valentine.


Name Your Weapon is another way all against all with a specific list of weapons available. The score we get depends on the weapon we use, the more difficult it is to manage more points will give us to finish someone using it. The maps are Lanik Electrical, Tall Trees, Heartland Oild Fields, Fort Mercer and Annesburg.


Team Shootout is a classic team duel on maps like Saint Denis Docks and Bolger Glade.

And finally Races are three types of races. Point to point in Fort Wallace and Bard’s Crossing, by laps in different regions of Saint Denis and open races with checkpoints that we will have to reach as we want in Blackwater, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed and Valentine.

Much more awaits us in this mode that today enters the beta phase. The details to know when to join you have them in this complete calendar.

Source: VG247

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