Play today a new Darkwing Duck that will never be for sale

The developer Simon Thomley is part of Headcannon, a team that in turn is also part of the development of Sonic Mania, the celebrated return of Sonic created to a large extent thanks to members of the community.

It is also Thomley who brings us back to a character as endearing as the Darkwing Duck and does it with a playable demonstration that he and his team tried to sell to Capcom to be able to work in the complete game.

The video that you see below corresponds to a demonstration of this project that was proposed as a sequel to the classic game and that, unfortunately, Capcom did not want to host to make it a reality. No doubt the look is something that would like to have in the form of a complete game who enjoyed the NES classic or the character animation series.

If the sight has captivated you and you want to experience it for yourself, just click on this link to download the demo and play it on Linux, Mac or PC.

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