Picard with the original series

Only a few days ago the first Star Trek trailer was released: Picard, the series in which Patrick Stewart returns to dress up the iconic Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The New Generation.

For those not versed in the subject, it may simply be a series based more on this intergalactic and populated universe. However, for Star Trek fans it is much more. Star Trek: Picard is part of the time line of the series of this license, and takes us after Star Trek: Nemesis (2003). You will also have an important connection to the Kelvin timeline, the one from the latest Star Trek movies – being Star Trek: Beyond (2016) the last of this timeline-.

What happened after the end of Nemesis is that Picard was promoted to Admiral and “commanded the largest rescue armada in history” before leaving Starfleet.

It is that rescue that could unite the two temporal lines. In the 2009 film a supernova destroyed the planet Romulo in the main timeline. Spock tried to fix it and created a black hole that sent his ship and the Romulana Narada ship through time. The captain of the Narada, seeking revenge, destroyed the USS Kelvin piloted by the father of James Kirk, and created with it an alternative timeline – in which the trilogy of modern films of Star Trek was developed.

Star Trek Picard begins after the destruction of Romulo, possibly with Picard on a rescue mission to save as many Romulans as possible. Comments from Star Trek executive producer: Picard, Alex Kurtzman support him, “Picard’s life was altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire.” Being the destruction of his home planet what triggered the fall of the empire.

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