NBA 2K20 – Analysis – Analysis in progress of NBA 2K20 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Historically, September is the month of sports video games, as if it were a competitive rivalry. NBA 2K20, taking into account that its main competitor has retired, already only compete for excellence, to overcome one year after another and improve the result of the previous season, since the best basketball game ring has won it since it goes on sale.

Attention: this is an analysis in progress. The servers have been open for only a few hours and therefore we are not in a position to properly evaluate all their online functionalities.

NBA 2K20 arrives at the stores a year more developed by Visual Concepts, who else does not, but NBA 2K has perfectly taken the measure. The base will be that of the excellent NBA 2K19 (you can remember your analysis), but not because of laziness, but because the balance of touching a lot a playable structure so seated It would be like putting your pivot to play as a base, it may work out well, but the risk is too high. So, for anyone who has finished playing NBA 2K19 just a few weeks ago, the change will be nothing dramatic (you have to keep in mind that throughout the course it was polished here and there).

Since we set foot in the parquet we will notice that, ironically, this year precisely the feet are one of the keys to greater realism on the track. The Visual Concepts team has focused its efforts on animations in presenting some careers closer to reality according to the positioning of the player and his real speed and acceleration data. In this way, the general feeling is a notable decrease in the rhythm of the matches, although what is really happening is that the weight of the players is being taken into account more and their movements are not so fast if the player is not .

The main novelties may come from the hand of inclusion (for the first time in this franchise) of the WNBA. The Female NBA He has representation with the 12 teams that make up his two conferences: Atlanta Dream, Indiana Fever, New York Liberty, Minnesota Lynx, Phoenix Mercury, Washington Mystics, Chicago Sky, Los Angeles Sparks, Seattle Storm, Conneticut Sun, Dallas Wings and Las Vegas Aces .

The change is not only aesthetic, but there have been some of the league's basketball players (current and retired) such as Candace Parker, Maite Cazorla or our legend Amaya Valdemoro for the motion capture and try to represent in the most realistic way possible the peculiarities of women's basketball. In this way, animations, playbooks, shooting mechanics, defense style … or the few players that can kill you are recreated in a way that exceeds the WNBA's last official appearance on NBA Live 18, but that does not get to feel as authentic as the sickly level of detail of the male. Time to time, the same thing happened with the Euroleague during the years that lasted included in the game.

With respect to deeper game modes, those who justify being able to play for a whole year if you want, NBA 2K20 continues to be structured in the same way: My Team, My Career and My league. The first one has been especially controversial for the inclusion of different elements with which to obtain rewards, very close to gambling and gambling, including pachinkos, roulette and others. At the moment we have to go deeper into this aspect, although it should be noted that the monetization model remains the same with Virtual Currency: ingame is obtained to a lesser extent or an additional amount is paid for it.

Entering to evaluate changes and improvements more evident in this modality, we will find the first major change as long as we want to form our quintet. Now the positions of the initial quintet of My Team are immovable (It is something that was sung taking into account the abuse that many teams did online placing Antetokounmpo as a base in the last edition). On the other hand, we can have up to two positions in which each player can play, which gives greater versatility without wanting to break realism in the online environment.

The cards (which translates into the players we have in the squad) have also undergone certain changes. The most notable is the introduction of evolution cards. These players will be able to go through several categories of rarity and we will have the possibility of ascending the more they play in our team, completing a series of cumulative statistics. In this way, the course of certain cards is not so limited and can become useful again later.

Domination, the main modality for a player within My Team has also undergone a touch-up to the taste of the player's feedback. Last year we had three categories and we could not access the next one until completing each and every one of the stars of the previous one, which required not only to beat all the available teams, but to do it in a sufficiently colorful way to gather My Team points required for maximum score.

Now the thing changes. When facing each team we can select the level of difficulty (starting with Rookie, Pro and All-Star) and, depending on this, we will obtain respectively 1 to 3 stars. This goes hand in hand with the new progression system for Domination, in which we will only need 33 of the 99 stars of the previous category to move on to the next one. The general idea is that it becomes more replayable, since at the beginning you probably don't have equipment to face the 3-star challenge and you have to come back later if you want to complete each category and collect your specific reward.

We may change our mind when we have spent hundreds of hours, like last year, but at the moment the soundtrack is again a great selection full of well-known artists (Drake, Billie Eilish, Post Malone, T-Pain, Lil Wayne , Ariana Grande, Motley Crue, Selena Gomez, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, Sia, Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, etc.) and in which it is strange that there is not a specific theme that you love. If new tracks could be added throughout the year it would be sublime.

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