Minecraft: Story Mode will be removed at the end of the month – Minecraft: Story Mode –

It will not catch anyone by surprise. Or at least we could say that it was foreseeable, but the point is that Minecraft: Story Mode will stop being available very soon. The problem is that not only will it disappear from online stores, but we will not be able to download it anymore, even if we have bought it before.

The news arrives, in addition, just in the week in which GOG has withdrawn all Telltale Games games from its store. That is, it might not be the only game condemned to the same fate – of which few that are still standing – for the future.

In any case, Minecraft: Story Mode not only disappear from the digital PC stores, but also from Microsoft. In fact, episodes 1 and 2 will no longer be available as of June 25.

That is, if you want to continue enjoying the game, you will have to download it before that date, and of course keep it on your hard drive indefinitely.

In fact, the only place where the game is still really available is precisely in the Microsoft digital store. Anyway, if you buy them on Steam (which is possible), you can also download them until June 25.

And since we are talking about Steam, we should also remember that there have been many games Telltale those that have been eliminated from the platform. So, if you want to know where some of them are still available, we can say that in the Epic Games Store you will find The Walking Dead games. And little else is left of Telltale …

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