Marvel publishes the script of Spider-Man: A new universe

In a movement as pleasant as unexpected Sony has decided to share the full script of Spider-Man: A new universe, the last great phenomenon of animation that is triumphing at the box office, among specialized critics and with viewers and fans of the comic book universe.

Whether you have already seen the film or if you do not plan to do it for now but do not mind knowing every detail of it, the script of such a work is a recommended reading without any doubt. It consists of 132 pages in which are all the events of the film in addition to some scenes that did not get to pass the cut. You can read it and / or download here.

It is really unusual that the script of a production in which signatures of the level of Marvel and Sony are involved leaked, but it is even more so that those same firms make it public. No doubt you want to be part of the community of this project that has come to stay, as a sequel and many parallel stories are already on the way.

Source: MovieWeb

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