La Casa de Papel will release a new trailer for the third season on Monday

It will be released on July 19, but Netflix has just made an important announcement about the third part of The House of Paper: there will be a new trailer, which will be published this coming Monday, June 3, 2019.

The announcement, made through the official account of Netflix Spain, makes clear that it is one of the series of which we can feel more proud nationally. Not in vain, his success has been overwhelming since the premiere.

As you can see yourselves, the teaser is not particularly long, but it is clearly aimed at the public, with the team presenting itself in front of what awaits us in this third part.

Also, it’s fun the way that have presented, with a simile related to football, taking into account that tonight is playing the Champions League final in Madrid. City in which the history of this series takes place, of course.

If you have not yet seen the other two seasons, remember that it is a series that tells the story of a group of thieves without much to lose, who decides to assault the National Currency and Stamp Factory in Madrid.

The fact is that its fame is directly proportional to the desire that the authorities have to hunt them. Now it will touch to see what happens in this outcome, which could be positive or negative. Any bets for this other “final”?

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