James Cameron does not rule out returning to the Alien saga

1986. That was the year in which James Cameron took the baton from Ridley Scott, seven years after the first film of Alien. And he did it with a sequel that not only lived up to the original, but even for many it surpassed it. Now, nothing more and nothing less than 33 years later, the famous director says he does not rule out going back to the franchise.

In fact, it is surprising that Cameron did not take care of any of the successive sequels (or the odd spin off) that the saga had. The point is that he made this statement of intent when he was asking about IGN's American colleagues as they passed through the red carpet of Alita: Angel de combate.

Basically we can say that, to the question of if he would call Neil Blomkamp to make a new movie of Alien, Cameron responded with a forceful "I'm working in it.". It is not ruled out that it was a simple joke, but in the same way it is clear that it would not be crazy either. Even more so considering that he has already returned with another of his most iconic sagas: Terminator (helping Terminator 6 with Tim Miller).

Anyway, we should see what all this ends up with. While in his day James Cameron was already interested in the project of Alien 5 (which was canceled), we now know that there is a sequel to Prometheus and Covenant in development (called Awakening).

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