Impressions of the Journey to the Savage Planet cooperative for PS4, Xbox One and PC

During the past Gamescom, there were many games we had the opportunity to try. Some of us talk to you at the time, but others like Journey to the Savage Planet They have preferred to reserve their information under embargo. The cooperative mode was the great novelty presented next to the launch date and precisely in this multiplayer mode we dedicate an hour of play to explore that unexplored planet? in the company of another Kindred Aerospace recruit.

Journey to the Savage is just that, A game mainly of exploration. That is why this low pace lends itself a lot to explore in the company of a friend. Because we are already advancing that this is the only incentive for the cooperative of the Typhoon title: explore in company. Absolutely nothing of the experience will change beyond having a companion next to us when not even alone we have an allied AI that fulfills that function and everything is loneliness. That is, the challenge in the few moments of combat is not greater, it does not escalate the difficulty … and how little we will benefit from will be able to be revived if we require that assistance.

The demo we could try along with some of the developers was a bit advanced, so some skills were already unlocked to explore some of the previously inaccessible areas in this peculiar metroidvania. In our test with the game both Kindred explorers had the same configuration and we imagine that it will be the key in the final game so that one does not stay locked at any time. Further, resources are shared between both players, so there is not even a certain competitive incentive. Pure enjoyment in company.

The purpose of the game is not excessively biased. Basically we will be completing a series of missions (generally activating a kind of totems that are also teleportation / fast travel points) and get the resources required to return to our ship, activate the 3D printer and print some new improvement, which is the way in which Typhoon's game has to structure its skill tree.

Starting in this test (not in the game), we had a lightning hook available that allows us to anchor ourselves at a specific high point and balance ourselves to cover a greater distance. Is about a fairly simple control system, in which we will not find great difficulties. In fact, to give you an idea, the most complex thing we could witness in our game was to find the specific timing to perform the double jump a few meters before exploding against the ground and die from fall damage. And even in that case, we will always have the support of the other astronaut and the possibility of being resurrected.

The main search was an improvement of that hook that not only allowed anchoring and balancing, but could also be coupled to a kind of energy rails, making our protagonist could slide automatically. As we said, resources are shared, so our partner can take care of the exploration and we of the few fights that we will have to carry out. It should be noted that Journey to the Savage Planet, as Control, has only one hand weapon, and that the rest we will have to do it by combining a series of grenades and explosives.

Part of the exploration has to do with the scanning of the different "animals" of the seemingly unexplored planet. Performing these studies we can know what type are each and what are their weaknesses. For example, there are a number of enemies that are coated with a kind of resin armor. At first, as we do not have the necessary material, they will be immune to all our attacks (beware, many of them are not hostile until they are provoked). If we manage to find that crystallized resin, we can return to our ship to print the new resin grenade that removes that protection from the creatures leaving them vulnerable.

Grenades also work as a scroll tool. For example, sometimes we will find certain giant plants that cut our progress. In this way, we will have to find the explosive device that stuns the creature and causes its branches to retract and the path is clear. Other of these grenades adhere to the walls, placing anchor points for the hook, which was one of the mechanics that we saw the most of the cooperative, since one could start working and the other selecting where to place these anchors.

The test closed with the confrontation against a massive final boss. It was a kind of worm / hive with chameleon tongue … a very rare bug. The key to the bosses of Journey to the Savage Planet, judging by what this combat demonstrates, is based more on the movement and the platform platform than on the firepower itself. This "hive" had bright eyes that shouted "weak point" and therefore we constantly had to jump twice and take advantage of the anchor points to have an accurate trigger point.

By the way, the giant bug releases several "minions" not only to annoy (they do it right), but so that we have the possibility of regaining life by charging them. One player can bait for smaller creatures while the other continues to the platform where he has a more direct view to shoot or throw explosives at weak points. The resistance of the boss makes these fights last 4 or 5 minutes, giving us a pretty sponge feeling of bullets, but in a science fiction context, we cannot complain about the resistance of an enemy. Once this enemy is finished, it disappears underground, which causes a new path to open before us. New way to explore, new opportunities to discover the secrets that this colorful planet and practically nothing threatening has for us.

And don't get lost …

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