Hugh Jackman anticipates an important announcement for Thursday

Although it seems unlikely because he has said by active and passive that he has hung up, there are new hopes for the return of Wolverine to theaters, interpreted, once again, by Hugh Jackman, who has announced that this Thursday will go to The Today Show for an exclusive ad that seems to be important.

It is very likely that it is anything else unrelated to the mutant, but you can not avoid associating the actor with the character he has given life for so many years and in such a memorable way.

The truth is that given his age and the end of Logan is also difficult to imagine again as Wolverine if we bear in mind that it would not be so easy to embody a younger version, since a larger view in Logan is virtually impossible. Although a series of the character in Netflix with Jackman as the protagonist we signed today.

There is speculation that the actor may participate in one of the solidarity events that often organizes the television program and could be the most realistic option of all those that arise as a result of this announcement. For now, we have to wait until Thursday to find out.

Source: Movieweb

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