Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 retrieves James Gunn as director

Apparently all was not lost for those in love with Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney seems to have offered a second chance to director James Gunn by hiring him again to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Sources close to the project shared the information with Deadline and they say they have confirmed it with the people in charge of Marvel and the production team close to James Gunn himself.

Gunn was fired by Disney to find in his Twitter account some messages that joked with sensitive topics such as pedophilia and rape, that were considered offensive in spite of being written in a clear tone of joke and of not fomenting the behaviors that they treated.

Since his dismissal partners from the cast of the first two films and fans around the world have been begging for his return and have only been able to hold on to the confirmation by Marvel that his script would be used in the film. Now we know that he is back in command.

In addition to this project James Gunn also has the restart of Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, so it works for two of the most anticipated premieres of two rival houses such as Marvel and DC. Although you should not worry about the completion of any of the two films as this new information ensures that it will start with the guardians when the production of Suicide Squad 2 closes.

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