Fortnite receives the new sliding shotgun

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The patch v.6.31 of Fortnite comes with new features such as a new game mode for a limited time and a new shotgun that promises to be the new essential in the inventory of those who want to win a masterful victory. The new game mode is Team Scrimmage and in it two teams of 20 players compete to try to get 100 eliminations before the other team. The players reappear within 5 seconds of dying with the arsenal intact and releasing one type of ammunition and a random batch of materials with 120 of wood, 90 of stone or 60 of metal for those who finish with them. The new shotgun deals a maximum damage of 105/110 and with it comes changes for all shotguns, as it ensures that all shotgun shots inflict at least 3 pellets equivalent damage, even if it only hits 1 pellet. More details of this patch can be found in the official notes.

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