Fortnite already adds 200 million registered accounts

Last June Epic Games confirmed that 125 million users had registered in Fortnite and today the figure rises to 200 million, so that the number of accounts created in this global phenomenon has grown by 60%.

If what interests us is the number of active players the figure was at 78.3 million last August, also being the highest figure reached by the game since it was released, so there are no signs of disinterest with the passage of time.

It is not surprising that the popular free game of Epic Games does not lose public and, in fact, win new followers considering that things do not stop happening. Today it has been updated with a new shotgun and numerous changes, as well as a system of gifts between players. A few days ago it was released an appearance based on the idea of ​​an 8-year-old child and it seems that some kind of collaboration with the Rompe Ralph license.


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