First look at Nilfgaardian weapons and armor from The Witcher series

The series of The Witcher has managed to attract our interest almost since it was announced, first by the universe that adapts and, later, by having Henry Cavill as protagonist. There are still no trailers or official images, but information and leaks are already appearing that put something else in context. In this case, it is the first look at the Nilfgaardian armor that we will see in the series.

It may not be what you were expecting if you have the memory of this type of armory in The Witcher 3, but the truth is that it is untreated images, and possibly have special effects behind that change their appearance almost completely. In any case, these leaks must be given the right importance, so that they do not ruin (or trigger) our expectations unjustifiably. If you do not have a recent image of how these armor are, we leave you with a capture of a Nilfgaardian armor in The Witcher 3.

A video of the alleged armor has also been leaked, which we leave below these lines, and which has been published by Redanian Intelligence, which also includes an entry in its blog with photos of the nightly shooting of the series, that ended a few weeks ago.

Anyway, there are still several months left for The Witcher to debut on Netflix –it will arrive in autumn-, and we look forward to official material to get a definitive idea of ​​the appearance, plot and other tasks of this highly anticipated series, which has already suffered a few leaks.

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