First images of the canine cast of the remake of La Dama y el Vagabundo

We have known for months that Disney is preparing a remake in real image of The Lady and the Wanderer, another of his great classics that is bringing back the Mickey Mouse House.

Today, thanks to information from People, we have been able to meet the recognizable actors who will lend their voice to this remake and their canine counterparts, starting with Tessa Thompson, who, indeed, It will be Lady, as it was rumored. Justin Theroux will be Gulf, Sam Elliott will be Sad, Janelle Monáe is Peggy, Ashley Jensen is Jock and Benedict Wong will be Bull.

In the gallery on these lines you can see the full canine cast and the appearance of these puppies, which this time they will not be CGI, but include real dogs like Rose, the Cocker Spaniel who plays Lady or Mountain, a rescue dog that is the image of the Gulf.

And don't get lost …

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