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At the moment there is no official announcement by Beenox or Activision, but it looks as if Nina's Night Ride will be the next official Grand Prix of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. So that, Spyro would be left behind and this new event will introduce us to the niece of Cortex. Of course, the new circuit would be inspired by it. In her and also in Halloween. The information has been filtered by dataminers.

In addition, it has been collected in a video, which you can see below, on the Canadian Guy Eh YouTube channel. As you can see, also would be confirmed new karts on the occasion of that terrifying setting.

And not only that, but also some skins such as that of Coco Gothic (which if true, would probably also apply to Crash and other characters). Of course, the filtration does not come with an included date and much is missing for Halloween. Something that could mean that the GP could arrive at the beginning or the middle of October and end at the end of the month.

What is clear is that its creators are constantly supporting the game and with quality and free content. In fact, with this GP, there will be four CTR Nitro-Fueled behind their backs.

Of course, it is expected that if confirmed, the GP will reach all the platforms on which the game is available. That is, both PS4 and Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We will be attentive in case Beenox and Activision take the step and officially announce it.

Source: Canadian Guy

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