Filtered release date, legendaries and more details

A Reddit user with a fairly prestigious leakage path has blown the hare within hours of today’s Pokémon Direct and has leaked release date of Pokémon Sword and Shield, identity of the legendary and more details.

Among the filtered information we find that the games will go on sale on November 15, what they return the wild pokémon that we can see and dodge while we explore the map Pokémon Let’s Go (although according to this data only between the main area and the city), the legendary will be wolves as they invited to think the logos of the games.

There is talk of some mechanical as the “gigantification that would allow us to make our pokémon giants. These giant pokémon appeared in crevices where we can fight and capture them. They would also return Z movements.

You have to take all this information as a leak without verifying that it is, but Reddit users who have labeled it as false have retracted shortly after seeing the route that this user has on similar topics.

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