Endgame and the mysterious device on Widow Black's wrist

Yesterday the costumes were filtered that the original Avengers are going to take Avengers: Endgame. So far so good. However, while all eyes were fixed on the suits, one of them hid a secret that could be much more revealing than the fans thought at first.

We talk more specifically about the mysterious bracelet worn by Black Widow in the image. A device that, the brightest, will remember that image of the shoot that recreated the scene of the battle of New York in The Avengers (2012). There appear several of the characters of Endgame just with the same bracelet that leads Black Widow in the image filtered by the manufacturer brand of popcorn.

We refer, precisely, to the image that you can see above these lines. Something that has caused speculation on the part of the fans, who are already launching their own theories. All of them, however, tell us about a device that will be truly important in the outcome of the film and, therefore, the saga.

From the possibility that it is a gadget to travel to the past, to the option of allowing the characters to enter and exit the Quantum Kingdom. Of course all are speculations and we will have to wait for the premiere to leave doubts.

A premiere that relatively recently was advanced with respect to what was originally planned, and which is expected for next April 26, 2019, just when a year of Avengers: Infinity War. Until then, we will continue to pay attention to new clues about the plot, which as you can see, can come from practically any part of the universe.

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