EA could turn Anthem into a free-to-play very soon

It’s nothing official, at the moment. But if the news is confirmed, it would be an extraordinary movement on the part of Electronic Arts and BioWare. Nothing more and nothing less than turning Anthem, their last game together, in a free-to-play title.

That is what they say from MMOGFalls, the medium where the rumor has emerged. In addition, as they comment, the source -who wants to be anonymous- would be a person very close to BioWare and EA. And not only that; They also talk about the controversy that has involved the game since its launch.

In that sense, from MMOGFails they assure that, for BioWare, the reason for the low sales of the game (that would be the main reason to take this extreme measure), would be the bad press that has been made and the complaints from players.

But they would not be the only ones; that same source would ensure that EA is also, in part, guilty. In your case, for have precipitated the release date of the title. Something that, as we knew in his day, caused great discomfort in the company.

We do not know to what extent the source is reliable or not, apart from that we must be very careful with these issues. However, we can say that it is a plausible possibility. The situation of the game is what it is, and the community of players continues to decrease in recent times.

In addition, it would not be incompatible with the recent statements of EA. In them, they assured that they are totally committed to the title. In fact, the rumors speak of a free-to-play that would come via EA Access to PS4 and Xbox One. That is, we could play for free as long as we were subscribed.

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