E3 2019: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Advance

Drum roll: E3 is here, and it starts in the best possible way … speaking of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. With an intro of a metal concert, we are welcomed to this show, and the directors of the game are present. Let’s see nothing less than 15 minutes of gameplay. A action and adventure game for a single player (and for some reason that affects us positively, according to the enthusiasm among the public).

Xbox logo … and the show begins. Per se the music already warns the public. Yes, after the wonderful sound environment we see the menu of the game (or the demo that we are going to see, of course). The inintroductoria scene does not go around the bush: it puts us at the controls of the character, with a playable environment and an engine that can remind us of titles of this era like Anthem but with certain aftertaste to action titles see Uncharted or Tomb Raider He moves through a gorge and meets other characters, based in great detail on the original actors. Good atmosphere and a polished graphic aspect (which must still evolve even more). We’re going to free the poor Wookiees.

Inside the tunnels they mark the vacilla that we all expected: it improves the darkness with our laser sword and also thanks to the force we destroy a door. This is an authentic evolution of the Jedi Academy. The exit to the outside (with a charming style “pasillero“) shows us the visual potential of the game, in which let’s interact again using force many times. Jumping and real-time combat including Jedi skills take us headlong into the battle, with enemies’ bida bar included, with slow motion and with actions such as door hacking on the part of our companion robot. R2D2 waits inside, and we are going to face the enemies of the interior. The pasilleo and the direct combat bring us back to the memory times in which the titles of action were absolutely charming. And suddenly… skill point got.

The first most complicated enemy appears. A difficult struggle shows us how not everything is going to be crushing buttons. You have to stop attacks, you have to roll on the ground to survive. There is no lack of movement to end the combat of rigor. We see a first use of a life recovery element … and the movement through narrow channels brings to mind new titles such as Uncharted or Tomb Raider. What a waste of action lies ahead of us, there are even soldiers with flamethrowers. Climbing refers to the same thing: the venture style we already know. The ability to slow down time is also useful with the blades, and stopping the fight is something that can be done in more than one way: catching enemies suddenly is a help. By the way, beware of the huge insects that are able to immobilize us. There is no truce: the fighting continues.

The mechanics returns once again the image of the movement of killing with spectacular movement. The most complex combats take place against groups of enemies that make us different attacks. Some at a distance, others try to immobilize us. Some can slow down, others push them. Complexity is not subjugated at an altered pace in any sense. Finally we find the Wookiees, and as expected, as soon as we are going to free them, a bigger enemy appears … and we are left with the honey on our lips with a few scenes of spectacular combat. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is going to be a classic at least in sight, with which to relive the best of the action saga.

With classic reminiscences to games like Uncharted everywhere, with action in spades, direct combat, fearsome enemies and lots, lots of action, this new Star Wars installment will recover the best of the Jedi Knight / Jedi Academy saga. We notice that there is a lack of naturalness in the movements, some final polish in the graphic aspect. But it is the result of the necessary evolution and to be able to watch it run on the console instead of streaming. That we can literally play and experiment with the skills. That we enjoy your Star Wars environment and, for once, are not focused on multiplayer combat.

We like the aspect of this title, and we can only hope what they will offer us, how we will be able to carry out those skills, how control and response are implemented. An adventure that knows, apparently, combine the best of adventure and action, skills and a great atmosphere … and of course, spectacular combats that will keep us glued to the screen if it maintains the level of tension that we could see in the E3 video.

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