Disney + will censor the Dumbo movie and will not include Song of the South

We already know when it will arrive Disney + and part of the catalog that will offer. However, it seems that censorship will not get rid of the streaming platform. In this case, it will be applied on Song of the South to a greater extent, and on Dumbo to a lesser extent. This has been reported exclusively by the Boardwalk Times portal.

The first, because it will not reach the platform catalog directly. The second, you will simply see certain scenes reviewed. In both cases, therefore, it will be to avoid possible controversies with issues of racism.

In the case of Song of the South, film released in 1946 in the form of a musical, the story comes from far away. In fact, she has been accused on many occasions of racism for dealing with issues such as African-American slavery.

Moreover, it was not even released in cinemas and went directly to a more “home” format. On the other hand, the case of Dumbo It is different. It is something much more subtle; and we could even say that there is a myth about it.

We talked about one of the characters that appears in the original movie (crow Jim Crow). And it has nothing to do with being black, obviously. It simply has to do with the laws of Jim Crow that were approved in the United States during the 60’s.

According to these laws, racial segregation was advocated in all public institutions. The most surprising thing is that the laws were named after a show by Thomas Rice. In it, he painted his face black and mocked African-Americans.

But what causes Dumbo to be censored is not the name of the crow itself. Rather one of the poses of the dance that performs this, very similar, if not exactly, to one of Thomas Rice. Too much coincidence? The fact is that this is not the first time that we talk about the possible racist feelings of Walt Disney.

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