Disney wants a new Nightmare before Christmas

With such an extensive list of Disney classics returning to the theaters in the form of sequels such as Toy Story 4 and adaptations to real image as The Lion King, it was to be expected that they would end up thinking about bringing back Nightmare Before Christmas, a license with which they still do not have very clear what they want to do.

According to nearby sources you have had access to Moviehole, there are conversations within Disney about which direction to take when it comes to bringing back Jack Skeleton and his troop. The possibilities on the table are a sequel maintaining the characteristic style of the classic or add the license to the list of adaptations to real image.

Go from stop motion the presence of actors of flesh and blood may not be what most want those who were hopelessly in love with the 1993 film created by Tim Burton and Henry Selick.

We will have to wait for an official confirmation or more specific details about this new project. Of course, the most likely is that we take a long time to know more if we consider that this is limited to internal conversations that have not led to any resolution at this time. further Disney's premiere schedule is not exactly deserted today.

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