Disney is not impressed with X-Men: The New Mutants

X-Men times have changed, that's for sure. And the collection disaster caused by X-Men: Dark Phoenix may be to blame, but the fact is that Disney could have lost confidence in the franchise. In fact, according to a report, the company would not be impressed with the film of The new mutants, and they would also think that their collection potential is rather limited. Something that would marry the fact that its premiere could end up linked to Disney +.

The information, which comes from Variety, ensures the following: "The studio is not impressed with The New Mutants for its haunted house environment, and believes it has limited box office potential.". Remember that this is a movie that 20th Century Fox supervised before Disney acquired the company.

In fact, the first trailer is from 2017, while the premiere was scheduled for spring 2019. Little by little it has been delayed and now expected by april 2020. However, as X-Men producer Simon Kinberg had said, the delay was due to reshoots. Now it would not be so clear.

This is what Kinberg said in any case: "What is happening is that we are going to record again this year in that movie and it has a Disney's new release date. ".

If it simply ends in some changes introduced by Disney there will be no problem. The bad thing would be that, even in spite of that, the box office results were bad. Then we should see what happens with the franchise. It may take us a long time to see these characters at UCM. And that is something that many fans have been waiting for a long time.

Sources: Comic book / Variety

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