Detective Pikachu is already the movie based on a videogame best valued in history

Still have to face Detective Pikachu to many more critics, but at the moment the film of Rob Letterman with Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith is the best adaptation of a video game in the history of the cinema if we stick to the score obtained in Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently 73% of the 33 reviews recorded are positive, which far exceeds the best rated movies of how many have been made by adapting a video game.

Even the animated films of the Pokémon franchise fall far short of this new fusion between live action and CGI. Other recent ones like Tomb Raider and Rampage do not exceed 55% and stay away from this new achievement.

To know how solvent this adaptation of the video game of Nintendo 3DS (which was very different from everything else in this same license) we will have to wait until May 10, which is when this comedy comes to theaters.


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