DC Comics asks retailers to destroy copies of Superman and Supergirl

Comic book sellers have received a rather curious message from DC Comics in which they are asked destroy the copies they have of number 13 of Superman and 33 of Supergirl.

The covers you just saw in the previous image are the original covers of these two numbers and are the editions that retailers will have to destroy at the request of DC Comics.

The reason for this strange request is that because the comic's programming was done well in advance, the covers are not the most appropriate for the story that comics tell. Since the usual thing is that the covers have some connection with the content of the comic, although it is minimal, so these will have to be updated.

DC Comics is giving retailers facilities and this change will not involve any cost for comic book sellers. What will have to be seen is how many of these copies are really destroyed, since these cover changes cause the comic's value to increase and there are many fans of the medium who pay large amounts of money for these oddities.

The number 14 of Superman will have a new cover work of Ivan Reis Y Joe Prado -and will be available in stores from August 28-, while the number 33 of Supergirl will come from the hand of Kevin Maguire and will be on sale from 4th of September.


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