Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements – The jump of the series to the mobile game

After triumphing in television and being considered by many as the best series in history, Breaking Bad began its journey to the cinema and now it even happens through videogames with Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements for mobile devices.

This is a free game published by FTX Games and developed by Plamee. It has the support of the creator of the series, Vice Gilligan, who ensures that the game will allow fans to “interact with characters they know in ways never seen before”, as can be read in THR.

Gilligan promises an attention to detail and a passion for the original license to match what his team felt when they worked on the series. This should serve as a guarantee for those who want a new ration of that world of dark plots, secrets, lies, violence and drugs that dazzled millions of spectators.

At the moment we have no release date or information on the appearance or the genre of the game (although we expect something related to the management given the platform and the license).

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