Avengers: Endgame. Review your trailer – new costumes, Hawkeye, new questions …

Now that a few hours have passed after receiving the New Avengers trailer: Endgame, and with Marvel striving not to discover the plot of the film (although the premiere is in only six weeks), there are important new details that we have discovered in this montage.

From the primal role of Hawkeye to the new costume of Captain America, or the meaning of those flashback scenes. Here you have 12 interesting things that we found in the trailer.

Flashbacks of the UCM

An important portion of the trailer is material reused from previous films of the UCM, recapitulating moments of the trips of these heroes. We see Tony in his original armor in the first Iron Man movie. Then we see a Steve Rogers pre-soldier super soldier dreaming of being a hero. There is also an audio clip of Steve's conversation with an elderly Peggy Carter in Captain America: Winter Soldier. It turns out that his advice is now more relevant than ever.

Rounding out the main trio of Avengers, in the trailer we see a few shots of Thor's first film.

All are reused scenes that seem to want to remind fans how much the Avengers have lost during the last 10 years. The emphasis on red and gray alone highlights the feeling of death and loss. It's worth noting that we do not see the story of Hulk's origins, probably because nobody wants to remember that movie …

Time travel tracks?

It is possible that this of reusing old material is something else. Since the conflict in Endgame could make the Avengers do the impossible to undo Thanos' crack, we may see our heroes travel back in time to previous films and revisit their own pasts. Peggy's phrase, "Sometimes the best we can do is start over," points to this.

The starring role of Hawkeye

Hawkeye has an important role in the new trailer, including a short flashback of Clint training his daughter to be an archer. We can only think of Kate Bishop, the teenage heroine who continues the legacy of Hawkeye in the comics. Is this the version of Kate's UCM?

We also see Clint's exciting meeting with Natasha. Everything indicates that the Falcon's Eye family died with the click, making Natasha become the closest thing a family has left.

The hair of Black Widow

We have noticed that Natasha's hair style changes a lot in the movie. Depending on the shot, your hair changes from red to blond and is sometimes pulled back, in ponytail or hanging. We are used to seeing changes in Natasha's hairstyle in each movie, but her hairdresser is doing extra hours in Endgame.

Family imagery

The trailer has several shots that are familiar to us from the SuperBowl teaser, including a look at New Yoork and Steve in the survivor support group. It's a good tribute to Hawk, since Sam had a support group for military veterans in Winter Soldier.

The return of Ant-Man

The trailer includes a new look at Ant-Man after escaping the Quantum Kingdom and discovering the tragedy that unfolded in his absence. The house at the bottom of the image suggests that some time has passed since Infinity War.

In another key shot we see Ant-Man in action, jumping on a pencil and colliding with what appears to be a microphone.


Here is a shot of the Quinjet about Tokyo, which seems to be in a much better situation than New York. It is possible that it is here that we see Clint acting as Ronin.

War Machine and Nebula

Although Endgame seems to focus more on the original Avengers, the trailer also shows some of the most recent recruits. One of the best shots of the trailer shows Rocket Raccoon making good friends with War Machine.

We also see Nebula. It is difficult to discern if this scene takes place on Titan after the battle with Thanos or elsewhere.

The new Captain America costume

Here you have a first look at Captain America's new suit and his shield. It has a color and design similar to that of Civil War, although in the new poster we see that it also looks like a chainmail, as in comics.

Matching uniforms

In another of the great moments of the trailer, we see many of the Avengers together to perform a mission, wearing the same type of uniforms. We assume at first that they are going to rescue Tony and Nebula, but the two characters are already in the group. Given how similar the design is to the suits of Ant-Man and the Wasp, we assume that the Avengers are preparing to venture into the Quantum Kingdom. Could it be the key to travel back in time and undo Thanos' actions?

Two different missions?

Three heavyweights of the Avengers do not appear almost in the trailer – Thor, Hulk and Captain Marvel. The three most powerful members of the team, who may have a different mission. Will they have the mission to face Thanos while the rest of the Avengers go to the Quantum Kingdom?

Carol and Thor

And speaking of Carol, the only time we see her in the trailer comes in the final sequence in which she interacts with Thor. It seems to develop after the post-credits scene of Capitana Marvel and Carol is dressed as a civilian terraquea, with makeup, and Natasha wears the same hairstyle that she had in the post-credits scene of Captain Marvel.

If you want to know more about Avengers: Endgame, you can see the new trailer, start taking tickets for the premiere advance to April 25, know more about the new costumes or make assumptions of what all that red means in the trailer.

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