Avengers: Endgame – Fans believe that Infinity Gems are "hidden" in the trailer

The fan phenomenon that revolves around everything that Marvel produces is by nature restless and if we talk about the Avengers saga in cinemas, the activity at the time of elaborating theories is multiplied by several integers.

Almost since the trailer of Avengers: Endgame A theory has been circulating on the Internet that ensures that the six Gems of Infinity are referenced by their colors in the assembly of that trailer.

The truth is that it was a lie in his day and it seems that it is still now, when another image has begun to make the round getting convinced some future viewers that, in effect, that has been the intention of the Russo brothers.

This image is the first one that began to circulate and finally ended with its author expelled from Reddit for having modified the colors of the captures to give veracity to his theory.

And now the new image that has been circulating in recent days and that comes to defend the same theory, ensuring that each color links one of the gems to one of the Avengers.

Again the most present in the present of the universe that Marvel Studios has created they have been taking their hands to their heads for this new assembly that shows nothing at all.

We do not rule out that in the future some of the gems will end up being used by some of these heroes in order to strike back at Thanos, but at the moment the moderation of Marvel Studios on Reddit, known for not allowing any kind of information that could create false expectations , has taken action on the matter in cases such as that of the first image, clearly modified.

The second image continues circulating freely since it does not present any problem since it has not been manipulated. The only problem is that he does not try to defend his theory.

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