Apex Legends starts moving with season 2 and a new event

The month of June will be very important for the Respawn Entertainment team, Apex Legends and his community. It will be the month in which the second battle pass of the game will be presented and the main novelties to breathe new life into this phenomenon launched in February whose popularity has dropped dramatically in the following weeks.

To warm up the engines the studio has shared the first details about this battle pass for the second season and also about a new two-week event called The legendary hunt, which will begin next Tuesday.

It was the Lead Product Manager, Lee Horn, who was in charge of telling us more about what awaits us at Apex Legends. Specifically, he has explained the changes that we will see in the second battle pass with respect to the first:

  • You can level up with daily and weekly challenges.
  • The hours of play necessary to reach level 100 will be greatly reduced.
  • There will be three legendary skins more than in the first pass.
  • There will be three new content categories that will replace emblem rewards and statistics registration.
  • We will receive enough fabrication metal to be able to manufacture a legendary object if it is what we want.

These changes come after the criticism arising from the first battle pass, whose rewards were too difficult to achieve and very unattractive. Other changes will be that every 25 levels we will receive a legendary object and that the phrase rewards for the characters will be replaced by fabrication metal.

In the new event for a limited time those who remain in the Top 5 or better in a game will be taken to a game full of players who have also been Top 5 in previous games, to continue competing with them we must be in the Top 5 all the little while.

The legendary hunt is not just about being and playing with the elite. The event comes with limited time challenges that will give us rare, epic and legendary items, as well as skins and a weekend of double experience that can greatly improve our progression. In addition every 3-4 days there will be a skin of the event in the store.

Those with the first battle pass will have access to these two additional skins for the R-301 (it is automatically unlocked) and for the Wraith (it is unlocked if we have passed level 15). In addition to being Top 5 we will raise an entire level of battle pass (limited to one daily).

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