All the players that will start the League of Legends Orange SuperLiga

The wait is over, the summer Split starts on June 3 and all the teams have their templates ready. Splyce Vipers defends the throne and the new signings come with a desire to show that they are coming to improve the national league.

Splyce Vipers

Those who were crowned Super League champions in Seville continue with the same team except the signing of Czekolad for midlane.

The team will consist of:

Top – Orome

Jungle – Tierwulf

Middle – Czekolad

AD Carry – Freeze

Support – Prime

The change of Czekolad is due to the fact that the former midlaner of the "Hatrixx" team has been dragging discomfort on his wrist for some time, his ambition is to play in LEC with Splyce and for that he must rest at least one split, he will remain as substitute of the team .


The runners-up seek to lift the trophy, the last final was very painful but the League of Legend always offers you a rematch.

The team will consist of:

Top – Szygenda

Jungle – Zanzarah

Middle – Roison

AD Carry – Venzer

Support – Homi

The team worked and they decided not to change it, Homi will continue as captain of the team in search of the coveted title.


After the great season that made the penguins, who made it to the semifinals of the league, it is necessary to recompose with a roster where there are many new faces.

The team will consist of:

Top – Truklax

Jungle – CBoi

Medium – Adept

AD Carry – Emtest

Support – Hadow

Only the CBoi jungle will continue with the team, will play the role of leader, the level of the players together within the crack is really an unknown quantity for the league.

MAD Lions

The lions will roar again. The champion team of the regular phase that failed in play-offs returns after the rumors of disappearance of the club, its aim must be to win the tournament.

The team will consist of:

Top – Yoppa

Jungle – Shlatan

Medium – Pretty

AD Carry – Samux

Support – Falco

After the speculation of the exit of all the players of the roster finally four of them were left, on the other hand Araneae returns to look for young promises that can consecrated players in a future, in this moment it has touched Shlatan

G2 Heretics

After the good performance of the team and the achievement of play-offs the team wants to follow the winning dynamics with a botlane totally renewed.

The team will consist of:

Top – Wardain

Jungle – Lamabear

Middle – Xico

AD Carry – N1xerino

Support – Trymbi

After the great season of midlaner "Xico" is added a big carry as N1xerino making the team a set to take into account in the high areas of the table. Skain for his part will be a substitute for the team because he wants to focus on his studies without leaving the competition.


The team did not perform as it should, the players know it and the club has relied on them getting rid of the coach.

The team will consist of:

Top – Th3Antonio

Jungle – Razork

Medium – Milica

AD Carry – Deadly

Support – Denyk

The top of the giants must be the title, the good atmosphere and the quality of the players can make it possible.


The Spanish roster did not work, after the controversy with Pepinero and Dual, S2V is remade with a team where the only one that repeats will be Carbon. Neither the coach is the same. For this they have signed Marhoder.

The team will consist of:

Top – Aziado

Jungle – Carbon

Middle – Baca

AD Carry – Flakked

Support – Xixauxas

Betting on young talent with Flakked and Xixauxas, they also take advantage of the great season that Aziado and Baca did in their previous team to add them to the roster. Pochipoom stops being a coach to be a sports director and Marhoder will occupy his previous position.


After the bad feelings of last year the team changes with well-known signings of high quality.

The team will consist of:

Top – Flaxxish

Jungle – Koldo

Middle – Lvsian

AD Carry – Sanchez

Support – Rafa

Flaxxish, Lvsian, Sanchez and Rafa are reunited after their stage in Asus Rog Army but more mature. Flaxxish is not what it was, now older and more experienced is expected to take out the great potential it has inside, meanwhile the midlaner Lvsian returns to Spain after competing throughout Europe, must work to be what one day was, if he succeeds X6tence can fight for something more than reaching play-offs.


The arrival of DuaLL felt very good to the monkeys that had better feelings since he arrived, now he reinforces obtaining what is possibly the best LoL team in his history

The team will consist of:

Top – Scarface

Jungle – Freshx

Medium – Lukezy

AD Carry – Rayito

Support – DuaLL

The team has improved, the botlane works, you only have to see if the new signings are enough for the monkeys to fight for play-offs this season, the former LVP Future commentator is added to the technical section to help the team.

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