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September is not always synonymous with bad news. Although we are facing the return to work, classes and the routine that makes us so anxious for the arrival of summer vacations as May water, there are companies that choose to liven up that return to work habits with product presentations . Apple is one of them. From the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple launches to show its new batch of devices for technology lovers.

Apple has placed a lot of emphasis on the union of the family through its devices. They want to create a network in which each and every member has content, accessories and services that appeal to them and can be purchased at a comfortable price. Apart from the new iPhone, iPads and Apple Watch, the streaming platforms that Apple will launch this year have also been shown. Below we detail details about everything presented in the 2019 Keynote.

Apple Arcade

Apple launches the streaming videogames market. In addition to having its own service when it comes to movies and series, Apple also wants to have a space for players who consume their products. So the company has launched Arcade, an exclusive platform where we will find more than one hundred video games-launch-at a price of $ 4.99 per month -up to five members-. Apple has been cured in health and has shown some of the titles that will reach the platform by prestigious video game companies. And they can be played without internet connection!

Konami has shown Frogger in Toy Town, a video game of platforms with physical care in which we will get into the skin of a frog and we must overcome the various obstacles of the stage to be able to complete it successfully. In addition, we will have powers and other skills when collecting items distributed by levels.

Capcom has also followed the style of the platform, but focused differently. The Monster Hunter and Resident Evil company brings to Apple Arcade Shinsekai: Into the Depths a video game focused on aquatic survival. We are what remains of humanity and the only salvation of it. We embody a diver who must defeat all kinds of monstrous marine beings and overcome any obstacle that is in the mapping. As a detail, Peter Fabiano, producer of Capcom, has pointed out that the sounds we will hear in the video game have been captured entirely underwater for greater immersion.

AnnaPurna Interactive differs from its other partners with whom it shares a platform with Apple and is committed to launch its product today. Sayonara Wild Hearts, his videogame, is inspired by the style of the video clip: to the rhythm of the music – or the beats – we must get around the movable platforms and fight against various enemies. All at a fairly frantic pace in which we must pay attention to the notes that are playing to fit the movements of the character we control.

GIANT Network opts for the classic. Pascal's Wager is a title in the purest Dark Souls style in which we can select different types of characters: a war, a witch, etc. And face melee against all kinds of mythical and monstrous creatures.

Of course, those companies will launch more video games on the platform, but this is the first contact they have shown. All videogames can be downloaded through the App Store by hiring the Apple Arcade service, which will be available in more than one hundred countries from September 19.

Apple TV +

It is not surprising that each large company wants to have its own space to create audio-visual content with a monthly subscription. Since Netflix hit the market, many have wanted to follow their example and generate original series and movies to see who is able to write better scripts and shoot better stories.

And that is precisely the goal of Apple TV +, according to Tim Cook. To create works that are unique to the spectators and that generate in them all kinds of feelings. The first confirmations for the platform denote that they are looking for a variety of content for users. Highlighting For All Mankind, The Morning Show – which is the return of Jennifer Aninston to television from Friends – and SEE, a series starring Jason Momoa in which humanity has lost sight, but everything changes when a person is born again with the ability to see

Apple TV + will also be available in more than one hundred countries at a price of $ 4.99 per month – up to five members – and will be launched next November. And whenever you buy an Apple product – an iPhone, iPad, etc. – a year of free service will be given. Of course, the company is going to want to compete with Disney + and Netflix, which are currently the ones with all the numbers to lead the streaming market.

iPad (2019)

The most affordable and the largest so far. Apple does not go with little girls – never better – and makes a jump in size from 9.7 inches to 10.2 inches, which is capable of displaying 3.5 million pixels. Increasing the image quality and this being the main characteristic that separates this seventh generation with the past ones. Compatible with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, which is also integrated into the model.

On the other hand, the application selection system in use has been improved. Having now the possibility of deploying a folding lateral rotation method in which we can choose what we want to use and stop using instantly.

Apple has highlighted a lot that the chassis of this seventh generation is entirely made of recycled aluminum. It will be released this September at a price of $ 379.

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple watch is of course a functional multipurpose machine: with its Fitness section, its perfect execution to keep us in constant communication and the effectiveness of the control of our body. Through a video, quite emotional, everything is said, Apple has shown how that health control has helped multiple people to prevent various risk situations that they had missed.

Apple Watch Series 5, this next generation, wants to ensure greater security for its users. Enhancing the possibility of being able to ask for help through the clock, without needing to be carrying an iPhone at that time. An emergency button The Women's Health Study has also been shown, which tracks personalized periods.

The novelty, perhaps, that has attracted most attention is that the Apple Watch screen, in this fifth generation, will always be on. Thanks to a specific cooling system -LTPO- the watch will always keep your system on so we can see what we want at any time. And do not worry about the battery because it is guaranteed a use of 18 hours. It will be priced at $ 499 and will be released on September 20.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Pro Max

Yes, the main course we were all waiting for. Apple's next best seller is already in the room. iPhone 11 is the direct substitute for iPhone XR. But, the best thing is that it is with a lower price and with a more modest quality than his older brothers called "Pro", but equally powerful. The new Apple model has two cameras on the back of the device attached under a square module.

The objective of the lenses is to achieve higher video quality and increase the field of view of the terminal. Finally, night vision for cameras has also been added. What offers the possibility of being able to take photographs in dark environments with a more than correct and decent quality.

6.1 inches in terms of display, but Apple's A13 Bionic processor is added, a chip that optimizes hardware based on software needs. With regard to storage space, the Apple device remains in the classic: 64 GB ($ 809), 128 GB ($ 859) and 256 GB ($ 979). The standard edition of the iPhone 11 will go on sale from the imminent September 20.

Now let's talk about those older brothers. iPhone 11 Pro ($ 999) and iPhone Pro Max ($ 1,099) are responsible for taking Apple to another level. The professional terminals will have 5.8 and 6.5 inches, respectively, and both will show OLED screens which they have named as Super Retina XDR, which will take the visual section to a higher level.

Both versions will have a triple lens in a triangular position. The added lens is a wide angle that will help improve the quality of our photographs as well as increase, even more, the area that we can cover with them. The models will be on sale on September 20.

The news with which Apple has landed this September have been impressive. Especially as regards its streaming services, both in video games and in film and television. Surely they will be the most talked about elements of the company.

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