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Do you know Gray? That video game that you fall in love with just seeing a frame. Well, we have had the great fortune of interviewing your main animator, who has told us many details about the development.

Gris is the first video game developed by Nomada Studio. The study is based in Barcelona, ​​and will be available on December 13. And maybe your artistic section is known, and is that the illustrator Conrad Roset It is the soul of Gris.

A few days ago we had the opportunity to interview Adrián Miguel, Lead Animator by Nomada Studio, who was visiting Madrid to give a master class at the design school Trazos. Thanks to the school management and the kindness of Adrián, we stole a few minutes of his time to answer some questions.

Adrián has already had previous experience with the world of video games, from which he disconnected for a few months to devote himself to other chores, but to which he returned without hesitation as soon as Gris was offered the opportunity to work. Confess that Journey It was the videogame that opened the door for many developers to think that in the panorama of videogames there was room for purely artistic videogames. Those that reach the soul of the players through a quiet journey in which you enjoy the image and sound.

In some of the first conversations about what the vision was about the videogame, Adrián tells us that there was talk that “it was like Cuphead“And laughing he says that he went into shock. Do you know why? Why Cuphead was illustrated completely by hand, like the Spanish game Candle. Both were projects whose developments hesitated for many years. However, finally opted for digital animation, but that each frame was careful with such care that it seemed drawn all by hand. From the choice of Photoshop brushes, which look like pencils, through the staining of watercolor stains to be digitized later and become part of the game world, until shading the protagonist’s hair.

People say that Conrad Roset is the soul of Gris, but not only because the art is his, but because he has been supervising each of the processes. His involvement reaches such a point that he has managed to edit the trailers of the game himself. And everyone in the study was clear about the goal: make an illustration of Conrad that was playable.

If we talk to the rhythm of the game, its gameplay is relaxed, there are no moments of frustration or fear of death. So, where is the challenge? Well, in that the game does not appeal to hardcore players who are looking for a challenge, but to those who seek to jump to which chalk Mary Poppins, and get into a world of visual and sound enjoyment. There is no text and everything is based on the image and its symbolism. Y its duration is about three and a half hours or four, for those who look for collectibles.

As you can see is not the typical game that seems to demand a majority of the current audience. And it is that for tastes the colors, and also the video games, where it is demonstrated every time in more occasions that luckily there is room for everything. Hence, for a while now there has been so much talk and at so many levels that the video game is art. Question before which Adrián responds very firmly that yes, that the videogame is art, because the intention of the video game is purely artistic in that it wants to evoke a feeling. But better than we tell you Adrian in his own words. Give the play and let Gris evoke a feeling of happiness in you.

Gray will be available in digital format on Nintendo Switch and PC on December 13 thanks to your agreement with Devolver Digital. And soon his art book will be available, which we are looking forward to as much as the video game itself.

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