A series of Harry Potter could be in march on the part of Warner Bros.

Would you like to see a New serie based on Harry Potter? For magic can exist since Warner Bros. would be preparing a formula to fit those desires. More specifically, through a new own streaming platform.

At the moment it is only a rumor (arising from We Got This Covered), but the source has already hit multiple times in the past. In any case, according to the rumor, this new series would be a prequel.

A prequel that would take place in Hogwarts and in different parts of Europe. Of course, for now we would have no idea what argument would put us on the table. According to the own source of the rumor, the script is secret of summary in these moments.

What does clarify that same source, is that in the new series would appear new characters with respect to the movies views so far. And all of them, logically, would be extracted from the books.

The question now is, will the protagonist be the same Harry as in the original films? Or will it be another spin off even though Fantastic Beasts are out there? What we hope is that we do not take long to know. Especially now that the new video game of the saga It’s fashionable and has put the franchise back on top of the fray.

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