A large Square Enix ad is expected at the second State of Play

Yesterday the date was set to the second State of Play Sony, which will be broadcast on Friday, May 10 at 00:00 CET and will last 10 minutes, which made us think that there is nothing really groundbreaking to show during the presentation. Although there seems to be something.

A couple of clues have emerged in the last hours hinting that we could be facing new project material such as Final Fantasy VII Remake or The Avengers Project.

On the one hand we have a retweet from the producer Shinji Hashimoto, from Square Enix, and on the other hand there is the analyst Daniel Ahmad counting that a great announcement of a game awaits us third-party announced long ago It is believed to be a Square Enix ad because the last time Hashimoto shared an event was the February Nintendo Direct in which Oninaki was announced.

We know that a new Sony Worldwide Studios game will also be announced and the complete MediEvil remake in motion will be shown again. And after what was seen in the first program may seem that bombings like the above mentioned are not expected in these broadcasts, but remember that they are the only Sony event now that they skip the E3 and there is news of a new PlayStation Experience.

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