New Street Fighter V cosmetics accessories arrive this fall

Street Fighter V has been greatly enhanced during the past year thanks to the massive amount of additional content Capcom gradually added. In the past year, we've got new modes, characters and a handful of cosmetic accessories in the form of bones and skirts for fighters, and just one such addition is expected this fall.

Capcom has introduced 14 new bones that will soon be added to the game, which will be available at a $ 3.99 buy-in or with the money earned by Fight Money. Most costumes will be inspired by school uniforms and costumes for Halloween. Thus, characters such as Cammy, Menat, Ed and Chun-Li will get new "school" costumes, while characters such as Dhalsim, M.Bison, Urien, Birdie and F.A.N.G. get costumes inspired by Halloween. As all new costumes look, see below.

Street Fighter V is currently available on PS4 and PC platforms.