5 Classics We Want To Undertake Remake

In the last few years, we are witnessing a tremendous expansion of gaming. This expansion is not only financial in the number of consumers / players, but is mostly visible in the advancement of the technological features of the game. If we compare the excellent game of 10 years ago and the excellent game today, we could see a huge difference at first glance. Graphics and gameplay have been immensely improved by the development of technology and bigger investments, but what has not made such a step is what does not depend on technology – that's a story and a fantasy.

Even though today, as well as 10 or 15 years ago, you will definitely find great stories in gaming there is often a situation where we come across games that are just as good or even with their ambience, gameplay and story Undeniably better than today's games that delight fantastic graphics and modern gameplay . Why is this so, the topic is for another article. However, today we will look at some of these great games that they would like to see in the full glory of today's technological capabilities of A or AAA category . We got the remastered Starcraft, Grim Fandango, the new Tomb Raider, as well as the remake of Final Fantasy, and the recently announced Age of Empires raised a lot of dust and got a lot of attention telling us that this trend could get out of the forgetfulness of another great game.

If you play games 10 or more years, you certainly have at least one such game in mind, and we have only selected some. List, of course, you can try and supplement yourself in the comments.

5. Pharaoh

Pharaoh is an isometric city – builder strategy released in 1999 by the legendary Sierra Entertainment. As a kind of sequel to the Caesar series, Pharaoh is city – builder located at the time of Ancient Egypt. The game could be played through the scenario that followed the development of the Egyptian kingdom from modest beginnings to the climax of glory and inevitable end, or you could play large custom folders and simply enjoy all the problems that brings municipal management.

The Pharaoh was about to look simple but at the same time extremely complex and dynamic to play. The hours and hours invested in building a city, from the first dozen settlers to a huge and vibrant city, followed many of the variables that you had to keep in mind and held you to the screen. The construction of the pyramid was a special experience that this game still set a stairway above the Caesar series mentioned above, as well as the fact that in spite of its complexity, Pharaoh did not yet bring a crowd of frustration with the illogical gameplay which was the case with Caesar.

Although there are still decent games of the genre, Pharaoh would surely be one of the games that would be nice to revitalize without much change. For, what spoils a good recipe?

4th Monkey Island

Monkey Island is perhaps one of the best games in the genre of adventure ever made. The adventure featured by Guybrush Threepwood's main character is a comedy and entertainment series you just have to experience. Although Monkey Island's genre, genre and story is actually a game that does not depend on the graphics, it would be more than good to see what modern technology could do for this series. If the original atmosphere and story could be preserved and added elements of the modern gameplay and all the benefits it brings, Monkey Island would still be an absolute hit today. Since Lucas Arts no longer owns the right to the series, is currently in possession of Disney, resurrection is not an impossible mission at some point when a corporate account estimates that this jewel could also take on a decent digit

3rd C & C: Red Alert

The most successful release of this cult series is something that would be extremely interesting to see in the new dress. Although the Red Alert 3 has emerged relatively recent in 2008, the first sequel is the one that still comes out of its quality. He has gone out in 1996, this age-old spectacle of exceptionally entertaining strategy was the absolute peak of quality in his time. Video clips with real actors were not common at the time, and technology was the latest in that time. In addition to this, the Red Alert had a good story and a variety of missions, and managed to create a few memorable characters, which is where the strategies are and where it is less frequent and harder than for most other genres.

The complete remaster of this game would surely be of some interest, but provided it does not fall into improved progress in the Red Alert 3, it has since been a solid 9 years

2nd Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Personally, one of the favorite games ever, Morrowind, has just been out in 2002, and has been casting the entire series as Bethesda himself on the stairs. Morrowind is a game of immense open world where you can lose hours, and visually it was revolutionary for that time. Moreover, from today's perspective, Morrowind does not look bad, however, compared with the sequels and leading genre games of today, Morrowind acts "timely." Nevertheless, the playfulness of play is so much so that even today Elder Scrolls is often referred to as the best. Despite years, Morrowind is often used as a reference point for all the sequels, which is a great compliment when compared to the visual capabilities of a Skyrim, which despite its six years nowadays. It is precisely this atmosphericity which is the main reason why Morrowind is on this list, and a clear vision to what extent and how it could be transferred to today's technology. The answer to this is also an independent project called Skywind, that switches the entire game to engine Skyrima . More than we really do not need, and we hope the project will see the light of day.

As an absolute enigma, the fact remains that Bethesda did not start something like that, especially since he still "skires" Skyrim in all possible ways today to the extent that I expect a version of the dishwasher soon. The general joke on the Internet is to expect a version of the microwave.
Bethesda .. take a hint.

first Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Absolute number one in terms of wishes for reboot is this jewel of 2001. He left the Troika Games, the former members of Interplay (the Fallout Team) and today the members of Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas, Tyranny, Pillars of eternity …), and rcanum is certainly one of the cult RPGs. Although it was made in an isometric perspective, Arcanum is uncharacteristicly large and is actually open – world RPG which isometric today is not exactly the case. Also, the Arcanum is really huge, maybe a little too, because even though the map is large, it's unfortunately quite empty. At that time, there was no DLC flood to do so, and even the Troika itself did not have the time and resources to fill Arcanum conveniently. Nevertheless, it can not be said that the Arcanum desert, moreover, has a decent number of settlements and other locations, only a small minus that are so far away. Parallels work, and wherever the newer Skyrim looks alike in desperate moments, especially without modes .

Arcanum is in a world that has "hit" the industrial revolution, and the steam engine technology almost overnight and violently entered a relatively classic fantasy world. The main action in one part spins precisely around this fact and it is fantastic in many direct and indirect ways, creating an atmosphere rarely seen in similar games. Despite more than modest graphing capabilities for today's terms, Arcanum offers a wealth of options in combining items image development and story selection, and a wide array of companions

The main reason why Arcanum is the first is that he would be most convincingly the most profitable in the event of "dressing" in the new car. This is not the only idea of ​​moving existing content into a new engine but also the vast possibilities of new content that would not be beyond the existing, but enriching, world rich enough.

At the very least, there is hope for making a continuation with somewhat bigger finances. Take a Hint of Obsidian!